Snyder Technologies is a professional consulting firm providing expert services in web application design and development, security and cloud computing technology services. We apply cutting-edge strategies and tools to optimize the value of our client's business.

Our expertise lies in our technology strategy and implementation. We embrace the relationship between design and technology, ensuring that our design can be effectively delivered within the technology platform. We assemble highly experienced, cross-functional teams from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds to reach shared goals.

Our Business Philosophy

  • We believe in leveraging the latest technology advancements in order to achieve maximum success.
  • We deliver the best possible value to our clients. If we find an existing tool or service that adds value, increases efficiency, or reduces project costs, we will bring it to the client’s attention — even if it means we bill less work.
  • We believe that a business is a community of participants organized around a common purpose. These participants have legitimate interests in how the business is conducted and, therefore, they have legitimate rights over its affairs.
  • We believe in minimizing our client’s carbon footprint and pursuing “Green” technologies wherever warranted.